By this point, I was getting worn out. I am unused to hiking and the caches were beginning to blur in my memory. Afraid that I might be getting dehydrated, I drank water, lots of it. When in the Texas heat, it’s best to drink regardless of your state of thirst.

Unsure that I was ready to take the lead, I plugged in the coordinates manually. Had they “taken”? I set off up the hill in the direction my faithful Garmin told me to go.

The hill was covered in prairie grass and wildflowers. I may have been following a social trail or I may have been following an animal trail. All I know is that the grass appeared a bit more downtrodden on our route.

We circled one band of trees. Was the cache in there? No.

We found another small grove and fanned out in our search. I was the first to spot the bonus cache. It was another skirt cache in a traditional ammo box.


About scribedscribbles

Like most people, I hate filling out profile pages. Who am I? Well, I’m a wife, teacher, daughter, and friend. I’m also an intellectual, an introvert, a night owl, and a bookworm. I work with struggling readers and overachievers, ages 11 to 15. I take care of students, a cat, two rabbits, friends, and my husband. I enjoy geocaching, reading, volksmarching, gardening, crocheting for charity, lecturing, science fiction, learning, and teaching. My favorite colors are blue, green, and purple. I am judgmental, dyslexic, sweet, overweight, graying, short, generous, loving, supportive, and chronically early to meetings. I’m afraid of snakes, putting my head underwater, heights, depths, and failure.

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