Symbol for a Multi-Stage Cache

Multi-Stage Cache

Even though it’s not an official milestone (my next official milestone is #300), I think #250 ought to be honored.

I was in a dither trying to figure out which cache was worthy of #250. I woke up knowing the answer. (This happens fairly often for me. I go to sleep with a question and wake up with the answer.)

2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination. The local news channels have been abuzz. Oswald was back in the news with a mystery surrounding his grave site.

I first came to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in 1987. In 1990 (or thereabouts) a local boy (who eventually became a boyfriend) tried to impress me by taking me on a JFK Assassination tour. We visited the Grassy Knoll. He even paid for us to enter the Sixth Floor Museum. The last place he showed me was Oswald’s grave.

At the time, the location of Oswald’s grave was supposed to be a secret. Souvenir hunters kept stealing his headstone. Others desecrated his grave — and sometimes the nearby graves. Police patrolled the cemetery regularly. The locals, though, all knew where he was buried.

I hadn’t been back to the grave site since the ’90s. I was fairly sure, though, that someone would have placed a geocache either at the grave or in the cemetery. Geocachers are crazy that way.

And I was right. There were three geocaches in or near the cemetery. One of the geocaches was a multi-stage which began at Oswald’s grave. This would be #250.

This was only my fifth multi-stage. Five is another milestone, a personal milestone.

A simple stone to mark a tantalizing piece of history.

Oswald’s Grave


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