It had been a horrible week. The kids had been especially rough on the staff at school (four fights in one day) and my nerves were frazzled. I needed a walk. Fortunately, Plano’s AVA was hosting a walk on Saturday. No one (Victor) wanted to go. Too darned bad! If I needed the walk, we both needed the walk.

The Wetlands Center has a lovely porch for birdwatchers.

Parch View

I was right. It was a beautiful morning. The temperatures were in the 70s after a light rain during the night. There was a delightful breeze which played with us all morning long.

We walked out over the marshlands.

The Bridge

We were urged often to take the 10k but we still feel like beginners. We didn’t think we were ready for a 10k walk yet.

This is the view from the bridges. It's on both sides. Can you believe we're just outside of Dallas?

Cattails Galore

The walk starts off over some marshland. We walked over wooden platforms among the cattails and other marshy plantlife, listening to the sounds of ducks and other birds hidden in the rushes.

Our trail consisted of unpaved but graveled roads and footpaths.

Out on the Trail

Then we began the trek. We got lost a couple of times, adding onto our distance, because we were so involved with our conversations or watching the birds or listening to the sounds of nature that we forgot to look at the markers and our map.

A resaca is a levee. To either side was more marsh.

Along the Resacas

All told, we walked a bit over 7k. I think we’ll be ready to tackle a 10k sometime in the near future.

Did you know lilies rustle? Gather them up in large enough groups and you can hear them!

The Lily Ponds

I have no idea what these trees are but they appear to thrive along the marshes.

Trees or Brush?


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