I think this is the image for a letterboxing cache.


And we did it wrong.

Sweetieheart, Ekoerber, and I drove down to Waxahachie for the WWII Veterans’ Weekend Re-Enactment: Battle of the Depot. I first learned of this event a couple of weeks ago and I thought my husband may enjoy it. (He did.)

Between two of the encampments for the re-enactors, next to a tree separating the German army from the American, sat the ammo container. It was out in the open. Maybe the re-enactors had found it and discovered it was tethered. Maybe someone thought it was part of one of the camps. In any case, it was so out in the open that my husband even spotted it and he’s only found three caches.

Our First Letterbox Cache

Our First Letterbox Cache

We treated it like we would a gecache, even though it was clearly marked as a letterbox cache. We signed the log, then closed it up and left.

I first heard of letterboxing two years ago from a friend who wanted to branch out into geocaching. She mentioned that it was slightly different but I didn’t ask for any specifics.

What We Should Have Done

Sign the log

  • signature
  • date
  • hometown

Since we didn’t have a stamp, we should have used a fingerprint or a thumbprint.

We should have also drawn some artwork.

What I Have Done since this Afternoon

  • I have visited a couple of sites to learn a bit more about letterboxing.
  • I’ve ordered a stamp.
  • I have created a letterbox account and alias: lageek.

I’ll be ready next time!


About scribedscribbles

Like most people, I hate filling out profile pages. Who am I? Well, I’m a wife, teacher, daughter, and friend. I’m also an intellectual, an introvert, a night owl, and a bookworm. I work with struggling readers and overachievers, ages 11 to 15. I take care of students, a cat, two rabbits, friends, and my husband. I enjoy geocaching, reading, volksmarching, gardening, crocheting for charity, lecturing, science fiction, learning, and teaching. My favorite colors are blue, green, and purple. I am judgmental, dyslexic, sweet, overweight, graying, short, generous, loving, supportive, and chronically early to meetings. I’m afraid of snakes, putting my head underwater, heights, depths, and failure.

4 responses »

  1. walktx says:

    If you looked through the log you may have noticed my stamp which matches my icon here.

    • No, I didn’t notice. I’m not very observant under normal conditions. 😦

      Did you make your own stamp? Apparently, it’s very popular to make your own stamp.

      • walktx says:

        My first few stamps I had made up. Found that to be too expensive. So my first plants and my own personal stamp are pretty nice. I’ve since gone to carving my own. Very inept, but they are “one of a kind” LOL

  2. […] is my week for firsts. Last weekend I found my first letterboxing hybrid cache. Today I’m going to play my first […]

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