In 2011 I released a travel bug. It was my first travel bug and I really didn’t know what to do with it. So I sent it out at my first CITO in Plano, TX, with a general mission statement:

I would like for this coin to visit as many federal and state parks as possible.

There have been a few times when this coin has gone inactive for a while (no reports on it) and then it appears to travel in a blaze.

I thought it would stay i the US. Instead, it’s been to Canada and, as of October 2014, is currently in Switzerland. (Is it wrong to be jealous of an inanimate object?)

It’s time, I think, to change it’s mission statement.

New Mission Statement:

I would like this geocoin to visit as many parks in as many countries as possible. It would be wonderful if it visited every continent.


About scribedscribbles

Like most people, I hate filling out profile pages. Who am I? Well, I’m a wife, teacher, daughter, and friend. I’m also an intellectual, an introvert, a night owl, and a bookworm. I work with struggling readers and overachievers, ages 11 to 15. I take care of students, a cat, two rabbits, friends, and my husband. I enjoy geocaching, reading, volksmarching, gardening, crocheting for charity, lecturing, science fiction, learning, and teaching. My favorite colors are blue, green, and purple. I am judgmental, dyslexic, sweet, overweight, graying, short, generous, loving, supportive, and chronically early to meetings. I’m afraid of snakes, putting my head underwater, heights, depths, and failure.

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