I first walked Waxahachie three years ago. Since then, I have returned in the summer and the fall.

We finally found the faces in the carving! For further information, check out the legend of the courthouse.

Ellis County Courthouse

The 5k is a lovely walk through neighborhoods lined with houses from the early 20th century and historic markers. Volksmarchers pass by the Catfish Plantation, a notoriously haunted restaurant, before looping through the SAGU,  Southwestern Assemblies of God University, campus.

I may return someday just to do the prayer walk.

Prayer Walk Marker on the SAGU Campus

Waxahachie residents take pride in their homes. Their homes are decorated seasonally. Today, the day after Thanksgiving, residents were out taking down the fall decorations and putting up the Christmas decorations. Children and adults raked fallen leaves.  A friendly cat asked for a petting (while a not-so-friendly cat huddled next to a house).

This is not the offical founding year of the campus

SAGU: 1901 AD

The walk begins and ends at the police station. Be sure to identify that you’re a walker to the nice admitting officer.

The gargoyle is on the corner of the building.

Gargoyle at the Fire Station


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