LAGEEK is my call sign for geocaching. Find me on!

I’m a middle aged nerd with a yen to explore the great outdoors and suburban parking lots through the use of technology along with supportive satellite systems. I geocache regularly with my pal, Sweetieheart.

I’m also a teacher and a member of the Discovery Education/Educators Network (DEN). DEN encourages teachers to get out of the classroom to find real world applications to classroom lessons.

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  1. dra6n says:

    Hey there, I too geocache and blog about it! I “followed” you. I am actually glad I was randomly browsing about wordpress today as I wouldn’t have even known about the 31 days of geocaching event! thanks so much!

    • You’re welcome! 31 days of geocaching is going to be an awesome opportunity to earn both smileys and souvenirs. I’m really looking forward to the designs.

      Welcome to my blog! I hope it continues to interest you.

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